How to Play SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online

20 May

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online is an online product first game from Bandai company. After this game panning for success in the State of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan, this time present in Indonesia. Gundam Online is a game that will give gamers an unforgettable experience when controlling a Mobile Suit (MS).

Playing SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online requires a Mobile Suit which can be obtained in various ways such as: Buying Capsule Machine which will issue a unit at random, a gift from Quest, rented from the Shop or even from a combination / merger Unit (Mix Plan). This game also provides so many varied modes such as: Mission Mode, Versus Mode which consists of Free for All, Team Deathmatch and Tag Match [Battleship].

Kontrol permainan SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online :

W Forward (Press 2x to boost advanced)

S Backward (Click 2x to boost backwards)

A Move to the Left (Press 2x to boost the left)

D Move Right (Press 2x to boost right) )

Shift Snipe Mode

Left Ctrl Using Item Battle

Spacebar Jump / Boost to the Top (Can jump 2x)

1 Melee Weapon (Weapon Close)

2 Range Weapon (Weapon Distance)

3 Special Weapon (Special Weapons)

4 Special Attack (Special Attack)

5 Battle Item

E Boost Short to the Right

Q Boost Brief to the Left

R Changing Mode (Transform) * certain mobile Suit

V Float down (Hovering Mobile Suit)

Left Mouse Mouse Attack / Shooting

Right Mouse Auto Aim (Automatic Target)
Meaning of Display Display SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online

1. Status of Mobile Suit: Mobile Suit shows the status of players such as HP, SP, Skills Active, Name and Property Mobile Suit used.

2. Enemy Target: indicates the name of the enemy that is being targeted and the number of his cell phone.

3. Deadline: information remaining deadlines and the number of LIFE which is owned by the player.

4. Radar: Mobile Suit shows the position of enemy and friend teammate position players.

5. Total: shows the total Mobile Suit enemy who had managed to beat players.

6. Status Score: show the value, status, and ratings from Mobile Suit player and teammate.

7. Booster Bar: show bar booster from Mobile Suit players.

8. Weapon: gun show Mobile Suit is currently active, other weapons, special attacks and battle items.

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